Be a Guest on the I See Dad People Podcast

Be a Guest FAQ

What is the purpose of I See Dad People?

I See Dad People is an idea born from two Irish Dads who often seek each other’s advice as we grow through the ever evolving role we call fatherhood.

Stephen and Eugene’s objective is to help Dads by giving them a voice to provide advice; while also building a community of support. Advice which originates from experience helps - particularly when it resonates with your own situation.

This unique podcast brings the best out of Dads. With both fun and thoughtfulness in equal measure; delivering side splitting humor while providing experienced advice from real Dads - I See Dad People will leave you smiling and waiting for the next listen.

How can I be a guest on your podcast?

Please feel free to reach out to us on our contact us page or email us at You can also reach us through instagram or facebook.

How long do you need me for the Interview?

The total time for us to carry out the interview generally takes anywhere from 25 to 40 minutes, we aim to have a podcast that takes 15 to 20 minutes for our audience to listen to.

What is the structure of the Podcast?

  1. An introduction to the guest
  2. Some Funny Questions (Example Below)
    • As Dad’s we have often heard, and been at the root of this phrase - “oh man its hit the fan” - tell us about a moment where your little one, “let loose” at the wrong time
  3. Dad Advice that you might have (Example Below)
    • With social distancing in effect and a lot of time being spent at home - what do you do to keep yourself sane and are there any Dad tips you have for our listeners?
  4. Rapid Fire Question Round, we ask you some questions (Examples Below)
    • Say something in an Irish Accent
    • Invisibility or super strength?
    • Have you ever worn socks with sandals?
  5. A Dad Joke or two :-)

What if I have awkward silences or say something that I don't want to air

Just let us know, we do post editing of the podcast, so if there is anything you would like removed we are more than happy to, especially if they are Eugene’s Dad Jokes

I have other questions that I don’t see here?

Please feel free to email us, we want you to feel 100% comfortable on our show, our goal is to have some fun and create community as priorities. Please feel free to reach out to us on our contact us page or email us at